February 09, 2016   
Major in Sust Food and Farming

Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Massachusetts

The major in Sustainable Food and Farming was developed in response to growing student demand and emerging work opportunities.  If you care about good food, small farms, and local solutions to the emerging food and energy crisis, this major might be for you. Students in the major generally focus on growing and marketing good food, advocacy, farm-based learning and public policy. They study topics from permaculture and organic farming to medicinal herbs and community food systems.

SFF helps to prepare students for careers with small, organic and community farms, non-profit advocacy and policy agencies, government organizations, and food and farm related educational institutions.  SFF offers students flexibility in choice of courses and therefore requires a close working relationship with an academic advisor. For a few thoughts on employment in this area, please see; Yes, but are there jobs?

While the academic requirements are flexible, this link presents the basic framework of study. A full program guide may be downloaded here: "program guide."

For more background see:

SF&F Program Videos

Finding Jobs and Internships

Where are our graduates now?

If you are interested in specialized areas of study such as Permaculture or Medicinal Herbs, the SFF major can be custom designed for your needs.  
Contact the SFF Program Coordinator, Dr. John M. Gerber,

at jgerber@umass.edu, or stop by 308 Bowditch Hall.

Sustainable Food and Farming has been approved as a major on its own starting in September, 2013. However at present students applying as first year students must apply to the Plant, Soils and Insect Sciences degree program with a concentration in Sustainable Food and Farming. To apply go to: Applying to UMass

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